What is mountain mud and soil


Mountain mud, also known as mountain soil, is a kind of forest and soil. After long -term stacking of dead branches and fallen leaves in the forest, it is mixed with the soil.

Mud and soil component

Mountain mud is rich in humus acids formed by various organic matter, rotten branches and leaves, and a small amount of vitamins, trace elements, and elements.



First, the quality of the mountains and soil is light and relaxed, the permeability and breathability are good;

The second is that the fertilizer ability of mountain mud and soil is very strong, and the continuity of the fertilizer and water is relatively long;

The third is that the granules of the mountains and soil do not change the water, and the water retention power is strong;

Fourth, there are many pores of mountain mud and soil. The soil with mountains and soil for a long time is not easy to end, and it is easy to be absorbed by plants;

Fifth, mountain mud contains various nutrients, such as various organic matter, humus acids and a small amount of vitamins, vitamins, trace elements, etc., which can effectively promote the growth and development of plants;

Sixth, the high temperature when the mountain mud is decomposed and fermented can kill the germs of the germs and grass species, which can effectively reduce the harm of diseased and Cordyceps.


Mountain mud and soil are acidic and are not suitable for plants that like alkali or neutral soil.

Mountains and soil applicable plants

Mountain mud can be used to grow rhododendron, tea and other flowers, and can also be used to cultivate orchids.

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