What is plant four gentlemen?


Welcome to the cold, beautiful, and the characteristics of proud bucket, is the symbol of tough personality.

Spring is returned to the earth, everything is in the beginning of the Society, and the flowers are blunt. There are four seasons in the year, and the four seasons are different. The spring is open for hundreds of flowers. You, plum blossoms, but unique in the cold winter month, open in the wind and snow, do you disdain to fight with a hundred flowers, or you are in a crowd, so you will be clear?


A flower color is light, and the two are born in a secluded, so it is often seen as a symbol of modest gentleman.

Since the statement of the four gentlemen in Mei Lanzhu, the orchid has always been ranked in the second position, and the plum bamboo is still fragrant. Orchid, “Hand Hand Lankan two three plants, daemons and second day. Sit hard is in the room, there is a butterfly when the window is flying.”


Also in winter, it is self-sufficient, it is just straight, humble, not humble, chic, often seen as a symbol of different customs.

People see bamboo grow in the wild mountain ridge, whether it is Peak Peak Riling, or a trench, it can survive. Despite the long-term moon to keep the boundless loneliness and bleak, the four seasons have been tatched with the wind and rain, but she always “biting Qingshan” and thinks that it is strong, but it is really more tenacious than it. ? The answer is obviously negative.


It is not only beautiful and elegant, but the fragrance is hit by a hundred flowers. It is not worthwhile to fight with the group.

Yuxiao is a more famous in the ancient times, especially “Ning Keji, and in the north wind”. This sentence is intended to show that the chrysanthemum is preferred to die, never blown by the north wind, depicting the image of proud bones, a folk chrysanthemum, highlighting the determination of adhering to noble exercises.

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