What is the base fertilizer

Introduction to the base fertilizer

Bidth is usually called bottom fertilizer. It is applied before planting or transplantation. The main role is to supply nutrients required for the entire growth period of plants. It can also improve the soil and cultivate fertilizer.

Type fertilizer

Beni fertilizer includes two types of organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers such as farmhouse fertilizer, cricket fertilizer, green fertilizer and cake fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizer and micro fertilizer.

How to use base fertilizer

The first is to consider the type of base fertilizer.Organic fertilizer is most suitable for bottom fertilizer, and inorganic fertilizer is important for the growth and development of crop seedlings and early growth.

The second is to consider the amount of base fertilizer.Depending on the height of the soil, it is appropriate to supplement the deficiencies of the soil; different base fertilizers are applied according to the different growth periods of the crops;

The third is to consider the variety of fertilizer fertilizers.Ammonium carbonate is nitrogen fertilizer, general calcium, dilate, and calcium magnesium phosphorus fertilizer are phosphorus fertilizer, plant ash, potassium chloride is potassium fertilizer, zinc and manganese fertilizer is micro fertilizer.

The fourth is to consider the depth of the basics of base fertilizers.Generally speaking, the bottom fertilizer should be applied to the entire farming layer, and it is advisable to depth of 15-20 cm.Bida fertilizer can be applied during plowing, or mixed with the soil, or it can be applied in layers.

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