What is the carbon soil


Grass charcoal soil is the product of the development of swamps. The grass charcoal in the grass soil contains the plant residues, humus, and minerals that are not completely decomposed. The organic matter content is high. At the same time, grass charcoal is also the lowest coalization of coalization. It is the most primitive state of coal.

Cascia Earth ingredients

Grass charcoal in the grass soil usually contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese and other elements. It is a pure natural, pollution -free, pollution -free green substance with a wide range of uses.



First, the texture of the grass soil is soft, with combustible and inhalation;

Second, the grassy soil with vermiculite and volcanic grains can increase the trace elements in the soil;

The third is that the carbon soil is acidic, which can make the crops of acidic acid lush and play a role in high yield;

Fourth, the humus acid contained in the carbon soil has adsorption effects, which can increase the structure of the soil, and can be used in Shuichuan and dry fields to improve the soil.


The water retention of grass soil is poor.

Planted plant

Grass charcoal soil can be used for planting of banyan trees and Jiulixiang, or flowers with large demand for water. Sour flowers such as orchids can also be planted with grassy soil.

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