What is the difference between Banzhi Lotus and Half Lotus

The difference between the subjects of half branches and half lotus

Banzhi lotus is also called Matsus -leaf peony. It is a family of horse lip -shaped plants. The flowering period is relatively long. Generally, it is concentrated in summer and autumn.

Half -side lotus is a family of bellflower, also known as fine rice grass, and the flowering period is from May to August.

The difference between the value of the half branches and the half lotus

The main value of Banzhi Lotus is the value of ornamental and medicinal value.Its ornamental is relatively high. Because the flowering is more beautiful, it is often used to decorate gardens, flower beds, and potted cultivation. It is placed on the balcony, window sill, etc.

Secondly, it also has relatively good medicinal value, clearing heat and detoxifying blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Half lotus also has high medicinal value and can also promote blood circulation and stasis, but it is more oriented to diuretic and swelling.

In fact, to distinguish between the two, the main thing is to look at the appearance.

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