What is the difference between Chiyoda Lace?

What is the difference between Chiyoda Lace?

Lan Yulian and Chiyoda Same seeds show radiation, the same white ridgeline, but the blade of Blue Yulian is sharper, the tip is sharper, the blade is more flat, the upper portion of the leaves is flat, leaf triangle convexStarting, the leaves of Blue Yilian are more fertilized, and the leaves are different from the difference.

Blue Dai Lian

Blue Dai Lotine is a hybrid variety, from the proposed stone lotion E. spec. Hybrids with the hoblus of the thick leaf.

Blue ventriciline pleasant seat.Plant blades are integrated, base, flat or oval, bendward, with leaf tip, leafyuan arc, and leaf back.The blade is smooth, the surface covers the micro-white powder, the leaves are green to the ink green.Sunshine sucking blade is closely arranged in the edge and the pony.

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