What is the difference between cosmos and Gesang?

What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is a one-year herbaceous plant, the fine stems are upright, with more branches, and slight stems or micro hair. Single leaves have a single loaf of about 10 cm, the two-return feathers are completely cracked, the split slice is narrow, and the whole is free.

The head is born on the elongated pedicel, the top birth or axillary, the flower stem is 5 ~ 8cm. The total wrap 2 layer, inner edge film. The tongue is l Wheel, the petals are pointed to teeth, 8 pieces of petals, white, powder, dark red.

The cylindrical flower occupied the flower plate. The lean fruit has a rumor, the seed life is 3 ~ 4 years, thousands of weight 6g. Flower Summer – autumn, seeds in the moon.

Horticulture variant has white flower cosmos, large flowers cosmos, purple cosmos, gardening varieties to premature pattern and evening quadrant systems, there is a single, heavy flap.

What is Gesang?

Gosang is also known as Gesanmei, and the specifically plants have a wide range of disputes. In Tibetan, “Gen Sang” is “beautiful time” or “happiness”, “Mei Du” is the meaning of flowers, so Gosanghua is also happy flowers, and she has always been hurting the Tibetan people. Happy auspicious. Beautiful emotions.

According to the relevant literature research and the interview of key characters, a large number of Tibetan film, songs, and Tibet journals are not a real Gusher.

In a broad sense, “Gesangmei” is very likely to be synonymous with the most tenacious wildflowers on the plateau, and from the botanical characteristics of astriper astripermia and Lhasa to Changdu common cultivated plant ascetry, Characteristics of Gosanghua.

Both differences

In Tibet, people often borrow a beautiful emotion, and streaming a lot of songs and stories. Gusang flowers have a high position in the heart of Tibetan people, and the Tibetan people are considered to symbolize holy flowers in love and auspicious.

Several people who are called Gemnsua in the Tibetan area: cosmos, aster, alpine rhododendron, Jinlumei, etc.

That is, cosmos can be Gesang, but Guszanta contains a variety of plants. People often leave a good wish, then this Ginger, can be the roadside chrysanthemum, or Jinlu Mei.

Gusang is a big category, and cosmos is just one of this category. Now it is the relationship between Persiachi and Gosang.

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