What is the difference between Kelome and Golden Tao?


Jinshi Mei

Golden silk plum leaves to life, oval, egg shape or ovate lanceolate. The petals are golden, there is no red dizziness, how much inner bend, long round ovate to the width oval, the edge is completely or slightly uniform, there is a left edge of the gland.

There is a lateral small cut, the hips are prigrants to disappear, which is less than 2 / 5-1 / 2 of petals, and the flower is yellow. The golden plum is growing, the flowers are beautiful, and the branches include fragrant scent, and there is less pest. Jinshi Mei is cold-resistant, and there is a heat detoxification role.

Jinshi Mei yield Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Sichuan, Guizhou and other provinces, other countries often have cultivation. Golden Mei is born in the hillside or the roll of the valley, the roadside or in the bush, the temperate, subtropical tree species, slightly cold. Happy, slightly moat. The root is developed, the germination is strong, and the shear is resistant. Strong health, avoid water. Sandy soil growing in a good drainage, moist and fertilizer.

How to distinguish

Because Jinshi Mei and Golden Walnut are similar too, it is similar to the shape. But it is necessary to learn, still different.

The fans of Jindi Mei are shorter, and the floral wires of the golden sheacher are long, and fine. On the petals, the golden plum petals gathered more, and the golden peaches were scattered, and the petals were slender, and the golden silk was wider.


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