What is the difference between Moran and Chunlan?Look at the flowers!

1. Introduction to Molan

There are more than one type of Moran. The tip of the golden -mouth Moran leaves is golden, and both sides of the silver -edge Moran leaves are silver. The enterprise sword white ink is naturally not white, but the flowers are white.

Introduction to Chunlan

This flower has a lovely name, blossoming. Chunlan’s flowers are generally green or brownish yellow.

The difference between the two

1. Different flowers

Lancaohua ranks high in domestic famous flowers, mainly six of them. Chunlan and Moran are two of them. No wonder everyone is easy to make mistakes. You can see the difference between the two from the picture. What about it? It is that there are only one flower on a stem in Chunlan, and there are two flowers. This type of flower is only Chunlan in orchids, and everyone can quickly identify Chunlan.

The picture above is Moram’s flower

The picture above is Chunlan’s flowers

2. Different geographical location

From a geographical point of view, Chunlan is mainly in western and southern China. Moran is mainly in the south, such as the south of Anhui, Guangxi, Guangdong.

Well, now everyone already knows the difference, so don’t worry about making mistakes. In the future, you can also use these knowledge to science other small partners. It is good to think about it.

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