What is the difference between Red Ghost Town and Fire Festival?

Red Ghost City, the fire festival difference 1: see color

The blade of the fire festival is thinner, and the blade of the red city is thicker.

Red Ghost City, Fire Festival Differences 3: Leave Shape

The leaves of the red ghost city are long, triangular, and the breathing holes on the leaves are relatively rough.The blade of the fire festival is very thin and the shape is similar to a longer elliptical shape.

Red Ghost City and the fire festival difference

Fire Festival: Also known as autumn fire lotus, for the scenery of the sky, the plant, the plants, the long-circular meat colors, the arrangement is tight, so that the plants are four-priced, the leaves have hair in the sun, sufficientUnder the conditions of the mever, especially in the autumn to spring, due to the large temperature difference between day and night, its blade color is more bright, very beautiful.Polychlock, small flowers yellow.

Red Ghost Town: Jing Tiankai, the white-lock dragon, a meat plant, is submerged, is not easy to grow.Plant blades are tightly arranged, and the leaves are long and narrow, the new leaves are green, the old leaves are brown or dark brown, which will show a purple red, very beautiful.Red Ghost City will also flow, white small flowers.

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