What is the flower arrangement of wild fun

Definition of Wild Flower Flowers

Generally speaking, flower arrangement works made by not using stores can be called wild flower arrangement, which is the earliest form of flower arrangement.

Features of Wild Flower Flowers

Features 1: Natural atmosphere is strong and can reproduce the natural style.

For example, you can bring a few banana leaves to stand upright and place the peeled willow branches in the middle. There are a few small flowers and a few fine bamboo at the bottom. This is a “mountain village small scene” work.

Features 2: Simple and flexible, constituting casual.

Wildfun flower arrangement materials are very convenient. Common dandelion, dog tail grass, bamboo, etc. can be used as flower arrangement materials. The flower arrangement container can choose any equipment that can be flourished in the home, and the flower arrangement works can be placed in various places at home.

Feature three: artistic appeal is very strong.

Take it in nature, introduce natural beauty into life, let people be in the embrace of nature, and breathe the fragrance of nature.

Features 4: Short appreciation time.

Generally speaking, wild fun flowers are the best appreciation period within one to two days. If you have more than three days, you must change flowers. But if you master the method of extending the shelf life of the flowers, you can extend the viewing period.

Features 5: low cost.

Wildfun flower arrangement can make a piece of work without spending money or less, playing a role in beautifying the living room.

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