What is the flower language of Mandaha Shahua?

MANN Zhahua’s flower language

Chinese flower language

“Beautiful and pure”

Japanese flower language

“Sad memories”

Korean flower language

“Mutual Mong”

Mandaha Hua’s beauty is the ominous beauty of demon, disaster, death and separation, and shocking red, like fire, such as blood. The flower is never seen. There is no cause, and the edge is destined to live and die, and you will never know each other. In the other side of this life, all memories are unloaded, and the flowers are Huangquan.

Mandaha Shahua Flower Symbol

Mandaha Shahua, blood red beach flower. It is generally considered to grow the flower of the receipt of the three-way river. Floral legend has magic, can call the memories of the dead.

Originally, the flowers of the sky, the big safflower, and the sky is one of the four flowers.

This flower is really beautiful, unparalleled and poisonous and beautiful, it seems like living. But it is very bleak, feeling and flowers are very similar, all have not been blessed. As some feelings are not blessing, even though it is beautiful.

MANN Zhaosa is too beautiful, there is a fascinating fascination, but also has a white beauty, but after reading the inexplicable sadness, feeling it and poppy, withdrawing too many unfair accusations, lack too much sincere blessing of! Because of this, its flowers and leaves will be born, and there is a mistake. In order to keep the promise of the eternal life in the millennium, is this the most sincere love?

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