What is the flower language of peony?

Peony flower

The flower language of the peony is “beautiful and moving”, “Yi Yi, it is difficult to help.” Ancient men and women exchange, with peony, expressing the fancy, or something to say, so it is also known as “will leave the grass”. Now, the peony has become a representative of the Tanabata Festival, which is the flower of Chinese love.

Western roses are brought, China’s love is beautiful, but also can cure the disease, which makes the Chinese nation, such as Yu Ru’s moiety, and character, hardworking, pragmatic, light as peek, soft as jade. Pink peony, such as the sky, like a young girl, romantic, implicit peony, red spring. The custom of the Shangqi Festival and the love song of “a spoonful of the drug”, from the singing of the Book of Songs, has always hit the Han Tang Mingqing. The ancient China, peony has always been a melody of love, romantic folk songs.

The flower name of peony

According to “Herbes” record: “The peony is still coming, it is beautiful. This grass flower is grazing, so it is called.” There are many aliases of peony. In the Chinese flower gorgeous hundred garden, the ancients pushed the peony “flowers” (the prime minister of the flower), but because the peony is herb, it is also known as grass peony. It spends a lot of color, charming, and the name “Jiao Yi”, “Yu Yong”. When people stayed away, they gave peegon flowers, so as to show the feelings of doing things, so they were also known as “will be left”, “from grass”. Tang and Song people said that peony is “Gearchy”, and the endie is the last cup. The peony flower is in the end of the spring, meaningful for the last cup of wine. The peony is herbal flower, there is no hard wooden stem, like weak Liu Fu, weak girl, so there is “no bone flower”. Because of its flowers, there is a “(also known as” black painting “),” stay “and” Xinyi “name. In addition, there are” unstead “,” care “,” plow “,” 铤 “, etc.

In foreign countries, peony is also favored, and there is a “Huang Queen”. Representing the meaning of the mean medicine since ancient times, the flower of China is also known as the representative of the Tanabata Festival.

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