What is the flower language of the frost?

Flower language: frozen flame.

This is a kind of indifferent character.Although it is covered with thick white frost, the cream still can still discharge the same enthusiasm.

She is standing, and she is still going on.But the fairy is full, as long as the slight smile is enough to make people mad.

Beautiful form

The frost is blue, which is covered with thick white powder.The leaves and leaves will be slightly red under normal state.

In a sunshine environment, the blade of the cream will become a bright red, project from the thin leaf tip and the leaf position of the white powder, and form a transition from red to white as the thickness of the blade is increased.Color, like a flame in frosty snow burning.The Frost has also got a flower language of “frozen flame”.

The frost is a small and white meat, and the rosal of the strain can be around 10 cm.The old pile cream can grow taller with the increase of Hua Ling.The frost is not easy to surrender the lateral buds, and the charm of the group is relatively rare.

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