What is the flower language of the green

Green radish is one of the most popular indoor suspension plants, which can effectively absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene in the air, and is an effective air purifier.

The ornamental value of green passers, the role of purifying the air, making the green radial into thousands of households, and the “tenacious”, “Watching Happiness” is expected when people are raised when they raise the green etis.

Flower language 1: Tough.

Green radish is an extremely tenacious herbaceous plant. It can grow in water, and it is called “flowers of life”, and the green branches of the spread are very easy to satisfy. The tenacious green rock is very small, and there are many returns to everyone.

Flower language 2: Watching happiness.

Green radish is not easy to bloom, and the green flower is Tibet. Family raised green polo never bloom, some said that the biggest dream of green light is to open beautiful flowers. They are constantly working hard for this dream, looking forward to the arrival of happiness.

Green Rollery wants to open a beautiful flower. For this dream, it is good to give up our ideals, no matter what setbacks encountered.

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