What is the garden soil

Introduction to Garden

Garden soil, also known as vegetable garden soil and pastoral soil, is a soil that has been cultivated and has been cultivated with flowers and vegetables. The structure of the regiments is better. It is one of the main raw materials for preparing the cultivation soil.

Garden component

Due to the continuous fertilization and cultivation of the soil, and through the accumulation and fermentation of garbage, fallen leaves, straw and other accumulation and fermentation, the humus of the garden soil is abundant, the soil is more fertilized, and the physical properties are good.



First, the distribution of garden soil is relatively wide, and it is convenient for materials;

Second, the cost of the garden soil is relatively low;

Third, the humus of the garden soil is abundant, and the soil is more fertilized.


First, the surface layer is easy to cut when the garden is dry. The ventilation and breathability of the ventilation during wetness.

The second is that the garden soil may contain a variety of germs, and the structure is relatively single. It can be placed at high temperature before using it at high temperature or high temperature sterilization before use.

Applicable plant in the garden

The humus of the garden soil is abundant, which is used for cultivation rose, pomegranate and general flowers and plants.The underground soil and gravel soil excavated in urban buildings are not in the garden soil. It should not be used directly to plant flowers, nor should it be directly used to prepare the cultivation soil.

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