What is the granular soil

Granules Introduction

The granular soil is a type of soil. It is usually soil such as deer marsh soil, red jade soil, and granular peat soil. The appearance is granular.



Luuma is produced in the volcanic area. It is generated by the lower volcanic soil and is in the form of volcanic sand. The pH value is acidic.



The first is that the deer mumper soil pavement has certain nutrients, which can penetrate into the soil when watering;

The second is that deer soil has high permeability, water storage power and ventilation.


Long -term use of Luuma soil will rely on the plant to depend on Luuma, so that once the deer is not used, it will grow slowly.

Applicable plants of deerumon soil

Luuma soil is usually used in bonsai, east orchids, alpine flowers, etc.

Red jade soil

Chiyu Earth ingredients

Chiyu soil is composed of volcanic ash, which can be called Qualcomm’s transparent volcanic mud, and the pH value is slightly acidic.

Features of Chiyu Earth


The shape of the red jade soil is conducive to water storage and drainage.


Chiyu soil is easy to powder.

Acting plants of red jade soil

Chiyu soil can be used for cultivation of multi -plants, Chinese orchids, etc., and can also be mixed with other media for lawn planting and gardening plant seedlings.

Granular peat soil

Granuita peat soil ingredients

Granuita peat soil is rich in organic matter and rodentic acid.

Features of granules peat soil


First, the granular peat soil can significantly extend and improve the fertilization effect of plants;

The second is that the granular peat soil is loose, the permeability and permeability are good, and the water -retaining and fertilizer capacity is strong.


The granular peat soil’s own fertility is low.

Applicable plants of granular peat soil

Granuita peat soil is mostly used for potted matrix of seedlings and potted flowers.

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