What is the impact on orchid?


The moisture growth of orchid growth is 50 ~ 80%, in general, air circulation increases, and the moisture loss in the small environment will speed up, and humidity will fall quickly. Generally, the temperature of the room is low, the upper air humidity will be smaller, and the tip respiration of the blue leaves is stronger, because the water is not in enough water.

Over-ventilation caused by blue leaves

As the saying goes, the spring breeze is like scissors, and the wind is shaking, and the blue leaves are rubbed, which is likely to be broken. After breaking the bacteria in the air into the blue, the whole plant carries the pathogenesis, bacteria, yeli moon, orchid light, the leaves are damaged, black spot, broken, heavy solid, stem rot.

Don’t underestimate the small wound, launching diseases, but fatal.

Excessive ventilation causes orchid empty

The orchid leaves are lost, the root, the bulb water is transported upward, and the root will quickly absorb the moisture in the soil, causing the soil to dry, this change is very short, if not watering, or water, root at the previous manner Damaged, causing empty roots.

Ventilation and watering is like two sons, which party is too strong to quarrel, not harmonious, the wind is water, the empty root is because the small environment around the root is not suitable, the big moisture will be empty, and There is no direct relationship with ventilation, and the closed environment is not watering as empty in one month.

Over ventilation, orchid

Normal fertilization, orchids are digestive through long-term, fertility in the soil will decline. However, the ventilation is over, the basin soil, the roots of the orchids are not allowed to absorb nutrients, and the reduction in moisture causes the concentration of the moisture of the soil to rise, exceeding the range of the orchid, leading to fat, and severe black roots.

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