What is the orchid in China?


Chunlan is also called grass, mountains, blossoms, one stalk, etc., ancient called “Lan”. Chunlan is the most distributed, most common, most popular, and has the oldest orchid. The garden is usually divided into a type of plob, a lot of petals, auxiliary petals, a strange, vegetarian, color flowers, and art.

Also called as Charan, Jiuzilan, Jiu Dynasty, and a snap nine flowers. The leaves are longer, and the stalks are also long, at 30 to 80 cm, and the flowers are in 4 to May. Slands have a long cultivation history in my country, and ancient times called “”.


Four seasons, Qiulan, Qiu Yan, etc. Leaves are long, spend from January to October, some kinds of flowers are constantly flowing from summer to autumn, so there is a four-season blue. China is mainly distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan, Taiwan, etc.


Winterland, the leaves are long, the flower stem is erected, long, the flower is narrow, the flowers of the flower stems are small, and the domestic cultivation is less, Japan, South Korea cultivation is more cultivated.


That is, what we often say, the blade is long, the flower stem is erected, longer, and the flowering period is from 1 to February. Domestic cultivation, rich variety, rare varieties have Dharma, unicorn, etc., high price.

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