What is the perlite

Introduction to perlite

Sleeve is a kind of glass rock formed by the sharp cooling of the volcanic lava. It is named after its unique pearl cracking structure.

Perlite composition

Plane contains chemical elements such as silicon iron, with stable chemical properties and neutral pH.



First, the water absorption ability of perlite is very strong, which can reach two to three times that of itself;

The second is to regulate the soil end of perlite to effectively prevent crops from falling down and control fertilizer and fertilizer;

The third is the porous adsorption of perlite, which can be used as a diluent and carrier for pesticides and herbicides in agriculture.


First, perlite is easy to powder, and it will float on the surface of the soil after watering, which is easily blowing away by the wind;

The second is that the perlite is harmful to the body after being sucked into the human body.

Suitable plants

Most plants are used in perlite, mild and porous, perlite, good breathability and drainage, suitable for planting plants that require drainage and ventilation medium, it is also a good medium for soilless cultivation.Essence

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