What is the plant in the five-color Mei and the five-claw gold dragon?

Five color plum introduction

Five-color Mei is also called Ma Yingdan, odor, seven sisters, for the rhetorical or semi-vine shrub. Flowering from May to October, most of the small flowers are intensive into a hemispherous head; the color is changed, the first is yellow or pink, which will turn orange or orange red, and finally red. There is red in the same sequence, so there is a five-color plum, seven gains, etc. Its flowers have the cause of attracting butterflies, and there will be many butterflies when they bloom.

The five-color Mei is stranded by a short hair and has a strong smell. Leaves, ovate or heart shaped. In the warm water of Jiangnan, it can flow all year round. It has a small flower, less than 1 cm in diameter, but has a large number of small flowers, forming a head, with a diameter of 4 to 5 cm. The order is more intensive. Coronberet, 4 stamens. There are more varieties in Macquas, which is more common in yellow, red, orange, purple, white. Some varieties are mixed with orange and red during the flowering period. As the place, it was the most widely used in yellow flowers and purple varieties.

Five-Tlaw Jinlong Introduction

Perennial wound herbs, all hair, old, root, root. The stem is elongated, there is a fine rib, sometimes a small groove protrusion. Leaves 5 deep cracks or complete cracks, split ovate lanceolate, oval or elliptical, large medium, length 4-5 cm, width 2-2.5 cm, sideways slightly smaller, top extraction or Dry slightly, small short tip, base wedge-shaped gradual, full or irregular microwave, the base 1 pair of split sheets is usually 2 cracked; the petiole is 2-8 cm, the base is a small palm 5 cleaved fake baked leaves ( The blade of the axillary short branch).

The five-claw golden dragon is a tube flower, spun flower, and the sweet potato is a perennial herb. For many years, it is stronger, and the leaf is strong. It is similar to the palm of the leaves. It is 5 to 7 cracks, from its characteristics and shape, people call it Five-claw gold dragon.

Differences and contact between five-color plum and five-square Jinlong

The five-color Mei is because the color of the flowers is called “five-color plum”, and the five-claw gold dragon is because the flowers are similar to the palm of the palm, so the naming between the two is still a big gap.

Five-color plum can be used in medicine, but the inherent toxicity, the five-claw gold dragon can also be used, but the body is banned in the body prohibits taking. And the wild species of the five-way gold dragon are still invading vegetation, which requires treatment. It is a hazardous plant. The wild wild [variety is not only harmful varieties, but also very beautiful, and is loved by flowers.

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