What is the role of raising glowing beer?

Those plants are suitable for watering with beer


According to the flower expert trial, inserting a beer in a vase in various flowers, the time of the flower arrangement can be extended for 15-20 days.

Guanye plant

Wipe the leaf flower, gently wiped the orchid, green, Brazilian iron, turtles, but also dust-bacteria, but also the effect of dust, but also with foliar. These flowers can also make these flowers more beautiful, significantly improve the chlorophyll content, promote flowering growth, improve flowers of flowers, and reduce flowers due to climate without adaptation, and keep the leaf bright bright green.

Fine flower

After adding water with 1: 1, the beer is diluted, slowly spraying some folians such as literals, sea flask, hanging blue and geranium with fine eye watering can, can also receive the same effect.

Beer in the flower flower

Pouring flowers

Two-third of the three-thirds of beer can adjust the soil, which is very advantageous to regulate the acid alkali of the soil. It can make the flowers grow vigorously, and the leaf-green flower is not only able to get sufficient nutrients, but also absorbed very fast.

Spray blade

After mixing with water and beer, it is mixed, and the blade is sprayed, and it can also receive the effect of roast fertilization. The application of beer should not be absorbed. Generally, 2 copies of the water is added to 2 parts of water, stir spoiled, spray once every 20-30 days in spring. When spraying, the front and negative surfaces of the blades should be sprayed, because the front and negative surfaces are distributed with blades, which can promote absorption.

Wipe the blade

Looking at the leaves of the leaves can be used to wipe the blades with skimmed cotton or clean soft cloth. Not only can you remove dust but also the leaves fertilizers, but the leaves can directly absorb nutrients, so the leaves of the flowers are more green, and they are lustrous, and the texture of the blade is also hypertrophic.


Pour 1/10 of beer in the vase, which can make the flower arrangement more radiant, and can extend the days of viewing time.

When you use beer, don’t pour the ice beer directly to the flower, you have to dilute, place it to normal temperature.

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