What is the root water and how to use it

What is the root water

The root water refers to the water that should be poured through the water when the plant is planted. Planting water is still very important for plants. Basically, except that succulent plants do not need to be poured in water planting, other plants need to be poured in water planting when pelvis and pots are replaced.

When pouring water planting, because the medium of plant selection is different, the use of water planting is also very different. But the specific thing is to ensure that it should be poured during watering.

Watering method of setting root water

After the plant is pelvis, shake the soil well, so that the soil and the root system of the plant can be tightly combined, but note that it is best not to press it with your hands.

After the soil is filled, you can water it. When watering, it is generally necessary to pour soil, which can make the soil and plants closer. Watering can actually be carried out many times, because some soil itself may not be transparent, and it is impossible to pour it through the water at all, so repeated watering is needed. After the first water is poured through, it will be poured for about 10 minutes. In this way, it can be poured through, and the soil content is not prone to gaps.

After pouring the root water, let the water inside the flower pot quickly discharge out to avoid water in the flowerpot. You can put stones and the like at the bottom of the flower pot, so that the water can be diverted.

Basically, two points are guaranteed when the root water is fastened.

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