What is the star peer?

What is the Star Point Qiu Haibang?

Star Point Autumn Haishu is also known as: Brazil, autumn sea, native South America, has been introduced in my country. Stars autumn sea humens are shrubs, the stems are fine, the leaves are elliptical, with silver white spots. Flowers are white green.

Small shrub, multi-branch. The stem is fine, 60 ~ 100 cm high, new branches, old branches, purple brown, branches. The leaves elliptical lanceolate, bright green, shiny, countless silver white spots. Flowers white green.

Frequent cultivation species

Bamboo Qiuhai (B. Presiden-Carnot): The whole strain stems are dry, and the stem festival is cool. Leaves, all rounds, surface green, and most of the small spots, the leaves and petioles are deep red.

Star Point Qiu Haibang

Stars, autumn sea peastro, like scattered light and wetting environment, is not strong. Soil requires loose and good drainage.

The cultivation of soil is mixed with humorite, peat soil, and the palate is better, and the plant should be placed in the shed half of the shack or the brightness of the light. The leaves are more tender, and it is easy to make ulcers, so it should be paid attention to shading after entering the capital, and the sun is expanded to cause foliage.

Watering in the growth season, keeping the pot soil moist. When the winter temperature is lower than 15 ° C, it is necessary to strictly control the water, or replace it with a spray. The growth temperature is 18 ~ 21 ° C, and the temperature is too high. High temperature season, pay attention to the surrounding air humidity, spray 2 to 3 times a day. The growth period can be applied once a month, a compound fertilizer rich in potassium, or a thin liquid fertilizer for 2 weeks.

Winter temperature should not be less than 8 ° C. If the management is not good, if the room temperature is low, the light is poor, the plant is in half sleep, and too much fertilization is too much. In general, the plant should be placed in the morning and evening in the winter, and the water is stopped, and the leaves can be willed with the water close to the water in one week. It is necessary to make proper trim to maintain a beautiful strain posture and good ventilation.

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