What is the white palm?

White palm is white?

Of course, the name of the white palm is from its form.

The white road is particularly caused, and the white is like a snow lotus, curled into a spoonful, and the shades of palms have been shared. Its pedicel is long and the leaves are long, and the flowers are large, and the white is like snow, and it is as good as the white fairy crane. In addition, it is like a small boat that is like a leaf, so the alias “one sapper”. So the “white words” and white of the white palm are the same.

natural phenomenon

Everyone knows that the white palm is in the flowering process, the flower first is white as snow, then slowly turns green, and finally become the same green as the stem and leaves, and the yellow bistellar sequence has also become black. This is not a variation, it is the normal phenomenon of spending metabolism. In the white flower petals, a small amount of chlorophyll is in the latter, the trace element is left in the plant, and the carotene is decomposed, only chlorophyll is finally decomposed, so the color of the petals will become green, and more The sky is witnessed. At this time, you can consider cutting the entire inflorescence from the base to avoid excessively consumed nutrients and is not conducive to the next time.

Therefore, after a while, the white palm turns a “green palm” in a period of time, it is natural phenomenon. It doesn’t have to be too surprised. The color of the “green palm” is green, like a perfect craft, it is also very ornamental.

Light cause

In addition, if the Buddha Flame is just a few days, it is not natural phenomenon. This is mainly caused by the weak light, any white color, which exhibits pan-green under the conditions of light rays, this time, as long as some illuminances are slightly changed to white. Then apply to special fertilization, so that the quality of the white palm can make it get a long time.

So everyone should not worry that when the white palm is green, try to supplement the illumination, etc., I have accumulated enough nutrients, it will change back to white!

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