What kind of messeng


According to the producing area, the art of Fritillaria can be divided into four categories, namely Sichuan Fritillaria, Fritillaria, Fritillaria Zhejiang, and Fritillaria.In addition to these four categories, mothers are also produced in other regions, such as the Fritillaria in the Dabie Mountains in Anhui and the sheater produced in southern Anhui.They have different shapes due to their different areas produced by their respective production, and their shapes are different.

Sichuan Fritillaria

Fritillaria, as its name implies, is the herd in Sichuan, so she is named after her.It is produced in North China, Northeast, Tibet, Gansu and other places.


Mother -in -law, mainly produced in Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other regions.

Zhejiang Fritillaria

Fritillaria, mainly produced in Zhejiang.

Xinjiang Fritillaria

Mother Xinjiang is mainly produced in Xinjiang.Its growth environment is relatively special and mostly grows in mountains, grasslands and bushes.Xinjiang Fritillaria also includes Ili Fritillaria, Fernan Fritillaria, and Fritillaria.

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