What kind of soil is used in Great Cymbidium breeding

The soil selection principle of Da Cymblan

When breeding the Cymbidium, in principle, you need to choose a well -drained fertile acidic soil. Generally, do not choose soil.

When making soil, it is generally mixed with a variety of soils twice, and the configuration should be kept loose and breathable.

The soil configuration of the Great Cymbidium

Generally, when the soil is configured, water moss, coconut bran, bark, peat, broken brick blocks can be used as matrix to cultivate large Cymbidium.

After cleaning up these soils, it is matched according to different needs to ensure that it is loose and breathable, contains moisture and moisturize.

In fact, when breeding the Grand Cymbidium, you can choose orchid soil when choosing the soil. It is the soil that has been planted before. Such soil contains orchid accompaniment bacteria, which has a very important role in the growth of Dahuanglan.

If you feel that you can’t match, you can buy some special soils for breeding orchids yourself.

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