What kinds are there in the four seasons

Tianxiangtai Pavilion

Compared to the other varieties of Siji Gui, Tianxiang Terrace is more superior, and its floral fragrance is also very strong. It belongs to a cherished variety known in Siji Gui.

Big Leaf Buddha Dingzhu

The branches are short and gray -white. The edges of the dark green leaves are jagged. The colors of the new leaves just germinated are reddish.

Labor Buddha Dingzhu

As the name implies, the name of the big leaves is similar to the name of the big leaves. The difference between the two is the size of the blades.

Ri Xianggui

If you listen to this name, you know that there is incense every day. The fragrant laurel is constantly blooming, and every day, there is a strong fragrance, so it is beautiful.

Winter incense

It is also called Hongri Xiang, the color of the flowers is red.

Light makeup

It is advisable to compare the osmanthus to Xizi, and the light makeup is always suitable.

Four Seasons Guiyi

Also called lobular sandalwood, suitable for home pots, it is a relatively precious variety in the four seasons.

Daye Si Ji Gui

There is a fight with the seasons of the seasons. The flowers exude a faint fragrance, and the edge of the leaf has a small amount of sawtooth.

Four Seasons Gui

The color of the flowers of the four seasons is white or pale yellow, the aroma is not strong, the fragrance is elegant, and the leaves are thin.


The color of the laurel’s flowers is slightly white, a bit yellowish, belongs to the light yellow, and the aroma is also elegant and fragrant.

Wrinkle four seasons Gui Gui

There are still disputes, that is, the ambiguous four seasons of cinnamon, it needs to be further studied.

With so many four seasons of cinnamon, is it that the flower friends have exuded the fragrance of osmanthus?

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