What kinds of breeds in brown bamboo?

Multipractable brown bamboo

Multi-clenar bamboo is a bush plant, the blade is a fan shape, a depth of impellar, 16-30 sheets, edges and ribs.Distributed in the western part of Guangxi and the southeast of Yunnan, can be used as a green material.

Short brown bamboo

The short brown bamboo stem is like a finger, no branches, leaf sain with brown mesh fibers, and the shaped shape can be green and watch, which is originally produced in the southwest of my country.

Crude brown bamboo

Coarse brown bamboo gives replies, relative to other varieties of leaves, and with gold stripes.

Crude brown bamboo likes humid and well-ventilated environment, not resistant, extremely well-yin, soiled in summer.Like most varieties, the growth of crude brown bamboo growth is not strict.Planting soil requires loose, fertile, and urban acid.

Silk brown bamboo

Produce 100,000 mountains in the south of Guangxi, the leaves are extremely thin.

Fine brown bamboo

The tree is short and beautiful, produced in the western part of Guangdong, south of Hainan and Guangxi.

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