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Reddown Common Outdoor Variety

Great leaves

The big leaves are the famous cut flowers. The new rainforest of South America, South China, 40-50cm high, the stalks are high, upright, flowering throughout the year. There are many varieties, such as the ‘Miye Candle’, ‘White Candle’, ‘Red Candle’, etc. The most suitable temperature of the growth is 20 ~ 30 ° C, which is high for humidity, more than 80%, and the water can survive for half a month.

Crystal flower candle

New Grenada in Original Colombia. Stem leaves. Yexin, young leaves, green, leaf pulse, silver white, very beautiful. The crystal candle is an excellent small and medium view of the leaves. A high humidity environment is required, sensitive to moisture changes, not easy to cultivate.


Also called fire crane pigtail candle. High 30-50cm, upright. Leaves wide-picked dark green, peduncle red, Buddha flames long elliptical, red, almost all year round. Take a slightly smile, avoid the sun, the temperature is stopped, the temperature is 20-25 ° C in winter, the winter is higher than 15 ° C, more than 25 ° C, less, more suitable potted plants.

Common potted variety


The Buddha is white, the flame is pink, which is often planted in 14 ~ 20 cm pots.


The flames and inflorescence are all fresh pink, which is often planted in a 10 ~ 15 cm flower pot.


The Buddha flaming is bright red, and the floral is yellow, which is often planted in 17 ~ 20 cm pots, and it takes 11 months from planting until the flowering.


The Buddha is small, red, the leaves are dark green, and it is planted with 15 cm flower pots.


The Buddha flavor is deep pink, planted in 17 cm flower pots. It takes 10 months from planting to the flowering. It takes 12 months to flow.

Royal stone

The Buddha is red, the leaves are deep green, plant in a 20-25 cm pots.

Red star

The Buddha is red, planted in 17 ~ 20 cm flower pots.


The Buddha flavoo is an orange red, planted in 17 ~ 20 cm pots, which requires 9 to 11 months from planting to flowering.

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