What kinds of geraniums have

Horseshoe geranium

Plant is 30 to 50 cm.There is a clear brown horseshoe in the leaves.The petals are the same color, dark red to white, the upper two petals is extremely short, petals narrow.


Also known as butterfly geranium, ocean butterfly.The whole piece of soft hair, no hoof, leafy teeth, and not neat.Flower, colorful, light red, pale isometric.

Shield leaf geranium

It is also called vine geranium, Ivy Leaf Pelarium.Plant is in a mademic or climbing, leaf shield shape, gloss.Flower, 4 ~ 8, flowers, flowers, powder, red, purple and pink.

Claus geranium

Also known as incense.The leaves are palm, 5-7 deep crack, and the lobes are pulverized.Flower pink or light red, the center has a purple streak, and the upper two flaps are large.Flowering in the summer, touch the blades with hands, that is, a seductive aroma is a unique variety.

Chrysanthemum geranium

The stem has a long hair, the impeller is deep, and the lift is resolved is linear.Whole strains were white powder, red roses, with purple spots and stripes, flowers in summer.

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