What kinds of Qiu Luo is cut

Dahua cut autumn Luo

Big flower -sheet autumn dill is a perennial herb, with a plant height of about 50-80cm, and has a long fluff on the plants. When it blooms, it is an umbrella -shaped inflorescence. The petals have 5 petals. The front end has dark cracks. The color is mainly bright red. The flowering period of the big flowers shear Qiuluo is from June -September, and the results after flowering are real, from August -October.

From the perspective of growth habits, Dahua cuts Qiu Luo’s cool and humid environment, which is more cold -resistant. Its distribution range is still wide, and it is distributed in many countries.

Silk petal cut autumn dill

Silk petals are also one of them. The plant height is 45-125cm, and there are mostly no hair on the plants. When the silk petals are cut into flowers, the flowers of about 7-20 are usually born at the top of the stem. There are 5 pieces of bright red petals.

Light cracks

Qiu Luo is a perennial herbal flower with a height of about 25-90cm height. The plant has curved long hair. Blossoming is generally 3-7 flowers gathered together. The color of the flowers is mostly orange -red and light red. The flowering period is from July -September.

Wrinkled leaves

Wrinkle leaves Qiu Luo is a perennial herb, with a plant height of 60-90cm. Blossoming is about 10-50 small flowers, showing an umbrella inflorescence, the flowers are bright red or brick red. The flowering period is from May to June. It is more cold -resistant and likes soil with good drainage. The flowers are beautiful and bright, and they are good flowers with cut flowers and potted plants, which are suitable for flowers.

Single -cut autumn dill

Single -cut autumn Luo is a two -year or perennial herbal flower. The height of the plant is about 90cm. When the flowers are blooming, the flowers are purple -red or pink. Generally, they bloom during the day without any fragrance.

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