What kinds of varieties have it?

Green pulse multise


Leaves, the main veins and the edges are green.

snow White

Small leaves, leaf pure white, pulse and edges are dark green.


Leaves rose red, edge wrinkles, main pulse and leaves are green.

Mrs. Chris

Leaf of white, blond ripple in the face.

White veins

Miss Mu Fiat

Leaves, maintenance white, leaf mask dark red spots.

main body

Large leaves, the center of the leaves is milky white, the leaves are green, the main pulse white, the leaves are embedded in dark red plaque.


Leaves, heart shaped, leaf veins, red plaque, leafy green.

Red pulse

After the snow

Leaves, inextricabic, main pulse.


Large leaves, deep green, white spots, main pulse orange.


Large leaf, pink and green ribs, main pulse.

Bloody heart

The center of the leaves are roses red, peripheral white, leafy green, and deep pulse.

Red beauty

Large leaf, red rose, red, leafy green.

Red flame

Leaves red, central dark purple, surrounded with white streaks, main pulse.


Small leaf, oval heart shape, deep leaf vessel, leaf mask milky white irregular ribbed.

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