What kinds of violets?

Gardening variety

Violet gardening variety, there are two types of single flats and heavy flaps. The value of the heavy flap is high; the single-flavip line can be varied, while the weight of the heavy flap cannot be. Generally flat seeds grow plants, usually produce a large amount of heavy flaps; and full seed, most of which generates a single piece of flowers. Flowers with pink, dark red, light purple, deep purple, pure white, light yellow, fresh yellow, blue violet, etc. It is generally used to produce cut flowers in the production of white flowers, pink flowers and purple flowers.

Cultivation variety

Violet mainly cultivated variety with white “Ada”, pale yellow “card door”, red “Francisk”, purple “Abbera” and lavender “British Cany”.

Press plant high classification

Violet can be divided into high, medium and short three varieties, and various varieties can be planted in accordance with the plant height. The flower bed is used in nature, usually 30-40 cm high; cut flowers high, usually 60-90 cm high .


Violet is divided into different varieties such as summer violet, autumn violet and winter violet; according to cultivation habits different from one year and two-year type. The violet flower has single flaps, heavy petals, and colorful, with aroma. The flower of violet is different from the variety, which can be divided into the following:

Spring violet

Spring violet. Flower from 4 to May.

Summer violet

Summer violet. Flowers from June to August, can be divided into short, medium, high three types, growth periods of 100 ~ 150 days, is a typical year flowers.

Autumn violet

Autumn violet. Flowers from January to September. Plant is an intermediate.

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