What pot soil is suitable for rosemary

What flower pots choose rosemary

Rosemary itself is relatively drought. When breeding, there is no stagnant water in the pot, which can easily lead to rotten roots. Therefore, when choosing a flower pot, one thing to pay attention to is good drainage and good breathability. Flower pots in line with such a nature, with tile pots, pottery, and small black side, can breed rosemary.

Secondly, to choose the appropriate flower pot, you need to choose the same according to the size of the rosemary plant. Rosemary is actually growing slowly, so there is no need to choose a large flower pot to give it too much growth space. Choose a small one. If the flower pot is too large, it will be poor.

What soil does rosemary choose

When breeding rosemary, the choice of soil is actually very simple, and its requirements for soil are not high. When choosing soil, ordinary garden soil is very suitable. However, in order to maintain the growth of the plant, you can add some base fertilizer when you put it on the basin.

Generally, fertilizer is added in the soil. In order to maintain the good growth of the plants, it is necessary to often supplement the nutrients lost in the soil frequently, give it several times a year, or change the soil several times.

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