What pot soil is used for begonia flowers

Selection of Begonia Flower Pot Basin

When breeding begonia flowers, we must choose flower pots reasonably. Use the material and volume of flower pots, and the growth of begonia flowers will be good.

The tile pot is economical and practical, and has good water permeability. However, it is easy to break. The plastic basin is light and durable, but the permeability of the permeability is poor. If the plant is not resistant to water and humidity, it is not suitable for plastic pots. It is more beautiful to use porcelain pots to raise flowers, but it is difficult to master the method of watering and fertilization, and it is easy to cause plants to die.

When choosing a flower pot, you usually choose a flower pot with a caliber of about 15cm. Note that during the breeding process, the pot is replaced with the growth of the plant and put on the larger flower pot.

When changing pots, pay attention that the plants should bring some soil, and do not plant too deep when planting begonia flowers.

Selection of the soil of Begonia Flowers

When breeding flowers, there are many materials that can be selected for the soil, such as garden soil, rotten soil and river sand, etc., are all good breeding soil. However, it is generally necessary to mix several different soil configurations, and the effect will be better.

When breeding begonia flowers, the soil is generally mixed with rot leaf soil, peat soil and coarse sand, and adds a little bottom fertilizer.

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