What should I do if I get yellow?

What should I do if I get yellow?

There are many reasons for the yellow leaves of Brazilian. Come and analyze it to see which one you belong to!

Water and soil alkali

Brazilian wood is suitable for grown in slightly acidic soil. If the acid and alkali in the soil are not suitable, the leaves are likely to cause yellowing. In response to this situation, it is recommended that you choose the right soil when planting, and relieve some special fertilizer.

Excessive watering

Brazilian wood has higher requirements for the humidity of the surrounding air, but does not mean that the amount of water is high. If the amount of water is not controlled in the daily care process, the water accumulation will also make the leaves of the Brazilian wood yellow. In response to this situation, the best way to solve is to control the amount of water, pay attention to ventilation, and maintain the permeability of the soil.

Lack of light

Brazilian wood likes the sun. In order to be able to appreciate indoors, many people put Brazilian wood in a good position in light. In this case, it is possible in the short term. yellow. The specific solution is very simple. After a period of time, put Brazilian wood in a sunny place for maintenance, and move it back after a period of time. This will not delay the maintenance and viewing.

Poor ventilation

If the leaves of Brazilian wood grow lush and not trimmed for a long time, it will cause the internal branches and leaves to be inadequate. At this time, we should trim the branches and leaves in time and fertilize it for meticulous maintenance. I believe that Soon it can be re -re -rejuvenated.

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