What should I do if the peacock is not long?

The temperature and light of the peacock beacon

One of the reasons why peacockaches are not high is temperature discomfort, too high or too low, or insufficient light. As far as the habits of peacocks are concerned, they like warm and humid and cool environments, do not like low temperature conditions and wind conditions. Secondly, pay special attention not to sunlight. Therefore, the plants should be moved to a cool place in the summer season. In addition, it is necessary to refuse the high temperature environment, maintain the ambient temperature below 30 degrees, and often spray water and ventilation, cool down to avoid yellow leaves. Of course, in winter, it is necessary to appropriately increase light and increase temperature.

Suitable for peacock potato pot soil conditions

The two reasons for the low length of the peacock beacon are the insufficient nutrition supply of pot soil, because the peacock potato likes fertile and loose soil with good drainage conditions. And the cultivation soil mixed with river sand.

The correct method of watering of peacock church taro

The three reasons for the low length of peacock peacock is insufficient water supply. It has been mentioned before that the peacocks are moist, especially in their growth season. Therefore, the amount of watering should be appropriately increased and water is sprayed in a timely manner to maintain the environmental moisture. In winter, the amount of watering must be controlled. As long as the pot soil is not dry, the amount of watering is gradually increased until the early spring.

The correct fertilization method of the peacock beacon

The four reasons for the low length of peacockache is that the improper fertilization method leads to the malnutrition of the plant. In the growth period of peacocks, liquid fertilizers must be applied once a month, so as to ensure the nutrients required for plant growth and promote their healthy growth. As for the varieties of fertilizers, the main is phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer, and too much nitrogen fertilizer should not be used. If improper fertilization, it will cause the plants to be short. In addition to applying fertilizer, you can also spray the liquid fertilizer and then pour. Special attention should be paid to fertilization after entering winter.

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