What should I do if there are bugs in the summer flower pot

What should I do if there are bugs in the summer flower pot

Orange peel removal

Sometimes, we find that many small flying worms will be derived from the flowers. In this case, the orange peel will help! Soak into the water with fresh orange peel, and then use orange peel water to pour the flowers to drive off the small black flying. In addition, put the orange peel into the flower pot and water it as usual. of.

Dairy box

Cut the milk box, smooth it, and then fold the edges, apply some oil in the middle, and then put this milk box in the flower pot to prevent the worm. In addition The edge of the box must be handled well, don’t let the oil flow into the flower pot!

Sand removal

This method can be said to solve the problem of pottery soil from the root. First of all, we can think about why there are bugs appeared in the flower pot? This is because there are insect eggs in the soil, so it is paved with a layer of sand or gravel on the flower pot. Can these larvae cannot be solved?


We all know that yellow is very attractive to the color of the bug. To solve the small flying worm, prepare a yellow cloth or board, and apply some soups or oils that are like on it. It will be seduced to the top, and then you can not get out of it, so it will be solved.

Pay attention to ventilation

In fact, the bugs appear in the flower pot because the soil in the flower pot is humid and the temperature is high in summer. In this case, it is easy to breed the worm. To solve this problem fundamentally, the usual maintenance work is very important. In daily life, you should pay attention to putting the flower pots in a well -ventilated position such as the balcony, and pay attention to the reasonable watering, control the amount of water, and the rotten leaves in the flower pot should be cleaned in time to ensure the cleanness of the pot soil. Worried about the bosom out of the soil.

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