What should I pay attention to when sowing vanilla plants

Sowing density of vanilla plants

Basically, the seeds of vanilla plants are not very large, and acupuncture can be sowed, and 1 capsule or multiple capsules can be sown in each hole. If it is sowing with seedlings, it can generally sow 1-2 thousand seeds per square meter.

When sowing, pay attention to divide the entire seedling plate into several portions.

Sowing of vanilla plants

When sowing vanilla plants, the particles of several seeds are relatively large, and they can sprinkle it directly on the soil or sow.

Several seed particles are relatively small. Generally, they need to be cleaned, stir well, and then sow.

If the seeds itself is very large, the Coal Academy will be directly on -demand.

The depth of sowing of vanilla seeds

When sowing by vanilla, the depth of the sowing is mainly to see the size of the seeds and whether it needs light.

Generally, the sowing depth is about twice the diameter of the seed. Some seeds that need light do not need to cover the soil.

After sowing of vanilla sowing

After sowing in vanilla, water spray is needed to pour through. The seeds and soil can be fully combined.

Then cover the plastic film or glass. In summer, you can not cover it, but you need to shade it to avoid affecting the seed germination.

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