What should I pay attention to when transplanted on the counter -season

Rose flowers’ anti -season transplantation

Although rose flowers are usually transplanted during late autumn to early spring, it is not that the rose flowers cannot be transplanted at other times.

In summer, it is also capable of transplanting rose flowers, but the time of transplantation should be carried out in the morning or cloudy.

Precautions for transplantation of rose flowers during the season

Before the rose flowers are transplanted, it is necessary to pour water once, so that it is better to dig. When transplanting, trim the rose flowers and keep 3/4 of the branches. The rest should be cut off, which will be highly controlled at about 20cm. Note that the cutting mouth should be smooth when trimming, and it is best not to leave flower buds.

In the morning, take the rose flowers out of the soil as much as possible, and the soil must be ball.

When transplanting, the depth should be consistent with the original depth. After planting, water it once, and then water it once on the evening of the next day and the fifth day. It can be watered normally since then.

Maintenance of rose flower transplantation

The rose flowers are generally transplanted in the summer in the summer. If you want to water it at this time, you must first water the water on time. After that, the watering should be determined according to the weather. Especially in the summer flowers transplanted in summer, they should spray water frequently to maintain humidity.

Secondly, it is necessary to cover the rose flowers. At this time, the sun is very strong, shaded in time, and it is easier to survive. It is also important for the prevention and treatment of pests and pests. It is easy to break out of pests in summer, and the rose flowers transplanted are generally not very good, and it is more prone to diseases and insect pests.

Another point is to prunites. After the rose flowers are transplanted, do not have flower buds, because at this time the rose flowers are slowing the seedlings, and flowering will only consume a lot of nutrients, which is not conducive to its survival.

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