What should you know on the balcony?

What to know about raising flowers on the south of the balcony

The balcony facing the south is very suitable for breeding flowers. Here, the light is sufficient and the temperature is relatively high. When breeding flowers, it is suitable for breeding some flowers with high requirements for light, such as colorful leaf grass, sunflowers, etc. In addition, because the conditions of the lights of the balcony south are different, it can meet the different needs of different flowers on light. Therefore, Nandai can cultivate different flowers throughout the year.

In spring and autumn, temperature and light are basically the most suitable. Most flowers can be cultivated, but in summer, the temperature is high and the light is too strong. Many flowers cannot be raised. It also needs to be shaded and cooled. Lotus, chicken crown flowers, and sunflowers are not afraid of high temperature and can be cultivated. In winter, keep temperature and light, and can cultivate some plants, such as orchids and Clivia.

What you need to know about raising flowers on the east of the east

The east balcony is specifically that there will be strong light in the morning, and the light of other time is weak. This orientation balcony is more suitable for plants that are afraid of strong light, like a fortune tree. In addition, in the early spring and autumn and winter, the light in the morning is not very strong, suitable for breeding some plants of Xiyin. However, the temperature is too low in winter. It is best to raise some flowers that are not afraid of cold or enter the sleeping flowers.

What you need to know about raising flowers on the balcony west

On the west balcony, the light will be better in the afternoon, and after the afternoon in the afternoon, the temperature will be relatively high, so it will be better to raise flowers in winter. In spring and autumn, you can raise plants that like light. In summer, it is only suitable for breeding flowers.

What to know about raising flowers on the balcony north

There are a lot of restrictions on the balcony north, and basically it is not very strong or very strong all year round. Pay attention to thermal insulation, or put it in a place with light.

The top floor balcony to raise flowers

The top floor balcony has sufficient light, and the temperature is suitable, and the ventilation is also very good, so most flowers can be raised, but it should be noted that in summer, the temperature of the balcony on the top floor is higher than the temperature of the balcony downstairs, so the most is the most. Good nourishment of light and high temperature plants. Pay attention to keeping humidity when raising flowers, and move flowers indoors in winter.

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