What time is the ground blooming

What is the rose?

The ground is one of the rose flowers, its branches are low, and they grow on the ground.

The value of its entire ornamental is still very high, because the growth of creeping can cover the entire ground, as if the ground is being plants.

Floor flowering period

The flowering period of the ground is different from other rose flowers. Most of the rose flowers are relatively long, concentrated in spring to autumn.The flowering period of the rose flowers is mainly in October, and some bloom in summer and autumn.

The land is very strong in the rose. There are many branches on its plants. Generally, when flowering, each branch can bloom 50 or even 100 flowers.

The color of the ground is also very rich in the color of the rose. Generally, the flowers of half of the petals are yellow and white and pink. The aroma is relatively strong.

Ground is reproduced by rose

The farm is rose. When breeding, it mainly adopts cuttings and grafting breeding. The operation is relatively simple. You can refer to the reproduction of other flowers.

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