What types of flower pots

Plastic flower pot

Plastic flower pots are the most common type of flower pots. Its material is lightweight, rich in color, convenient to use, but weak breathability and water permeability. Plastic flower pots are widely used in soil -free cultivation. It is used in the planting of umbrellas, turtles, horseshoe lotus, and Guangdong.

Porcelain pot

The porcelain basin is made of porcelain mud. It is painted with colorful glaze. The appearance is clean and elegant, and the shape is beautiful.


The marble basin is made of natural stone. The color is bright but the material is heavy. It is best not to put it on the table during the furnishings.

Sandstone flower basin

The sandstone flower basin is carved with fine sandstone.

Purple sand pot

The purple sand pot is also known as the pottery pot. The production process is exquisite and simple and generous, but the permeability and breathability are poor. It is not suitable for planting flowers and trees. It is usually used as a pot for halls and guest rooms.

Tile pot

The tile basin is also known as the mud pot and the plain pot. It is fired with clay. The tile pot is cheap and practical, with good breathability and water seepage. It is suitable for planting and transplanting plants. The shape of the tile basin is rough and is usually used for the pots of balls.


The water nourishment is large, and there is no drainage hole at the bottom of the basin. It is often used for breeding aquaculture potted plants.

Cement basin

The cement basin is sturdy and durable, and the surface can be sprayed and beautified, but the breathability and permeability are poor, and the material is bulky. It can generally be used to cultivate small tree -shaped plants, with small bonsai styles, and covering a layer of moss on the surface of the pot soil can increase the aesthetics.

Iron basin

The iron basin has a unique metal luster, but the breathability and permeability are poor. It can be perforated at the bottom when it is used to cultivate plants, and a waterproof layer is added inside.


The wooden basin has good breathability, but it is easy to breed bacteria, and the wooden flower pot also needs to be anticorrosive.

Self -made flower pot

Flower friends use flower pots made of various common items in various life, with low cost and unique appearance.

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