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The leaf color is relatively shallow, and the pulse line on the blade is clear. The flowering period is from 5 to October and can be blooming in four seasons. Most of the color is yellow or light, and there is a touch of green in the middle. There are some flowers with milk yellow or red purple spots. The little peach red leaves are fluid, which can be said that it is unmetive, and it is unsatisfactory and low.


This is the quality variety in Jiaran, has a long history and excellent varieties. Ye turrites, dark green, leaf hard as iron, foliar, narrow leaves, leafgus deep. Flower color is white, very fragrant. The iron noodles is cheap and the beauty is deeply loved.

Golden horsetail

“Gold” refers to the blue grace of the leaves; “silk” pole is small and clear; “Horse tail” is a metaphorical Ye Art shape like the horsetail, straight, and is very good, and it is very suitable. South and South is full. The leaf is thicker, and the tail of the blade is slightly curled.


The flower is round, small and exquisite, the leaves are vigorous, and there is a bud.

Green plum

Mei Yeye is elongated, the slogep is large, the color is green, mainly distributed in Taiwan. The petals round head, the fastener, wrinkled, frozen, green to apricot yellow, with wax. Green Mei is an excellent variety of good characteristics such as unsatisfactory collection, yellow-green, multi-flowers, and flowers, and long-standing.

Baodao Fairy

The sticks of the heart becomes the lips, forming a wonderful flowers in the three lips, and the beautiful fairy when they are blooming, and they are favored by the blue world. Leaf-state vertical termination and arc twist. There is obvious 红红 红晕. The whole flowers are all right, it is a square, the cold and warm color is wrong, and the generous is elegant and the flowers are far.


The lotus is a traditional famous product, the leaves are medium, the leaf is wide, the leaf curve is beautiful, the bulbs are large, and the three-5 leaves are 3-5 leaves, and the leaves are green. Plants are easy to grow, and it is easy to breed. The petals are wide, the flowers are very large, and the color is light. It is worth the cultivated Rank variety than the flowering rate and the flowering rate is very worthy.

Mayor red

Just like its name, a mayor of a former Taiwan, the leaf-ended roll, the color is clear and elegant, and the aroma is rich. Good quality, low quality, is the first choice for entry.


Dafang is a referred to as the big phoenix. Its leaves are more like the tail hair of the big rooster, and the chickens are known as phoenix. The petals like a daffodil petal, the color is white and the pan is flora, the aroma concentrate.

Qingshan Yuquan

It is famous for its heart and green claws. It is a few varieties in orchid. The leaves are hanging down, the high-end tail, the leaves are longer, the petals has a green ribroom, which is very like a golden horsetail.


Also known as Ga Mei, one of the four seasons, the leaves, the leaves are semi-hanging, the outer leaves are opened, the internal leaves are upright; the petals is called, the flowers are the end of the flowers, and the aroma is strong.


“Junhe” appeared in Sichuan, the leaves were wider, like the dragon, the tail of the blade as a circular. The petals are thick, the color is red, the flowers are large, and the diameter is 3 ~ 4 cm. It seems that the flower is shaped, the red line is highlighted, the color is bright, and the ornamental is extremely strong.

Mount Fishan

It belongs to multi-wing flower, the width of the blade is medium, sagging, there is flowers in flowers, open up, and overlap the layer. Floral is fragrant, colorful, long flowers.

Green light

The green light-plated strain has 3-4 blades, the leaves are smooth, and the newly-born blade edge will be finely trimmed, the leaves are rough. The flower pole is green, no variegated, so there is “green light orange”, and “Huang Guangmei Orange” and spends the sister.


When flowering, divided into five flaps, the three flaps outside, tightly, the pattern is better, it is not easy to deform, the flowers are covered with snow.

Silver Bench

Ye Zi is elegant, the plant type is beautiful, the blade is good, and the silver side is relatively stable, and it will not be easily varied. The most worth mentioning is the aroma, the aroma is pure, as long as a lot is bloom, it is very refreshing.

Baodao Jinlong

From Baodao Taiwan, multi-petal flowers, the beginning is 2 ~ 4 small flowers, there is nothing to see, twenty petals and hearts, beautiful. Flowering for more than 2 months, the spending of Huay will not be lit in a short time, known as the king of the odd flowers in Jialan.

Xia Huangmei

The surface wave is slightly smashed, the blade is thick, the flowers are yellow and white, slightly yellow.


The biggest feature of a Pin Mei is a plus flower, the flowers are green, the petals are well known, the shape is elegant, and the aroma is rich.


Red and a product is a representative variety of Sichuan Jialan Mei. 2 to 6 flowers on each flower arrow, the petals is relatively stable, and the maintenance is simple.

Five-Qian Qilin

The five-school unicorn, the green flower pole is fine but powerful, and countless green-green petals, like a bright red banner. Ye Xiu Chang, Ye Zi is neutral, and the leaf tail has a more obvious “yin and yang tail”, it is a rare flower.


This variety of leaves have a gloss, the edge of the leaves have a white silver white, the flower is contrasting, the leaves are complement to the flowers, which is a treasure in Jiandan.


He was held as a treasure in the Jiajing emperor book. Autumn will be filled with milk white, narcissus valve. The shape of the root pain can be divided into a field spoon tail, refers to the leaves and bows, and is deeply loved by orchid.

Dragon rock

Elegant in the body, the leaves are green, and the leaves are dismantled. Linfeng swaying, Diania, with the aesthetic view of the next day, the years of the years.


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