What water is magnetized water

What water is magnetized water

Magnetized water, as the name implies, is the water that is magnetized by magnetic fields, natural magnetized water, and artificial magnetic water.

In fact, the magnetic water can be done by itself, the method is very simple.Putting a V -type magnet, wrapped in copper wires, generally wrapped in a dozen laps, and then placed it in a plastic bucket equipped with water. For about 24 hours, these water can be magnetized and used to pour flowers.Of course, everyone can also prepare a strong magnetic cup, put tap water in it, and dozens of minutes of water can be magnetized.

The benefits of magnetized water care

It has certain benefits with magnetized water to raise flowers. It has a significant promotion effect on the growth of plants. Generally, it can be used to pour Clivia, Camel, and Rhododendron.

Basically, magnetized water can improve the activity of biology. Pouring flowers with magnetized water can promote the good decomposition of organic matter in the pot soil, so that the fertilizer in the soil can be fully exerted, and the leaves of the plant leaves are green, branched, and developed.And improve the ability to resist.

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