When did Duzhang?

What time is azalea?

Different rhododendron varieties, different maintenance areas, the flowering time is also different. In most cases, there is a period of 4 to June, if the light is sufficient, the flowers can last for a month. If the maintenance is improperly opened for 1 to 2 weeks.

Let’s talk about different flowering time, the flower period of the spring is in April, the flowering period of the summer is from May to June, and other varieties are between spring and summer. For the region, the northern greenhouse cultivated rhododendron, can be blooming in January to February, blooming in the ground from 3 to May, 7 to August 7 to August 7 to August.

What is the case of azodel?

Flowering and temperature is closely related, directly affecting the formation and differentiation of Rhododendron flower buds, control temperature is also one of the important factors controlling flowering time. Xiaobian practice proves that in the case of sufficient light, the temperature is 15 ~ 25 ° C, the flower buds are fast, and the flowering time will take only 30 ~ 40 days of flowering. But below 15 ° C, which takes more than 50 days.

Du Fu several times a year

Every variety of rhododendron only opened a flower once a year, but the azalea spring, summer, autumn can be blossomed, and the flowers are constantly flowing. At home, it is hybridized in the home, which can be used alternately. However, some places have cultivated four seasons flowering

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