When did Luoya?

When did Luoya?

The flowering time of Luoyo Haibang is divided into two varieties in summer flowering and winter flowering. The summer flowers is generally yellow, which is relatively rare.Most antlers begonate is flowering in winter, mostly white, red or purple flowers.The flower of the defeat is beautiful, the flower is similar to the sea, the meat, plus bright flowers, how can people don’t like it!

Lougon Hay

The front will also flow in the summer, but this variety is rarely seen, because the antlers Haishu does not like the hot environment, if the temperature is too high, the short-lived sleep, the appropriate ventilation cools, safe summer.This kind of antlers hangs flowering conditions are temporarily not considered.

The other is the variety of winter flowering, the conditions are winter indoor maintenance, and the temperature exceeds 15 ° C.Before the winter moved to the room, it was a fertilizer, put the water, moved to the room, stop fertilization, and appropriately reduced watering.

Luoyi Haibang blossoms

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