When does Jintang bloom?

When does Jintang bloom?

Jin Hua Xing is the bacon plant of Jingcai Jianlianhua, which is easy to form a tree truncation, daily situation is green, and it will become red when the sunshine is sufficient, and the flowers are also very good.

Jinting is usually blooming in winter or in the early spring.

What should I do after Jinsheng bloom?

Is it really beautiful to blossom?Indeed, there is a certain gap with the normal norm, but the strong nutrient support is needed, and it will affect the growth of the mother strain to a certain extent.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone will cut off the flower arrow after the flowering will, so as not to absorb nutrients, affect growth.Or carefully observe the growth of the plants during the flowering process, if the leaves are gradually worous, the fallen phenomenon is dim, and the fourth sequenation will be cut off.After 2 to 3 days, a thin liquid fertilizer is applied.

Jin Xingxing flowers

Just bought a brilliant star of home, the leaves of the base base will be bitten.

Slowly grow, omitted in the middle, and look at the long flower bud.

Flowers gradually bloom

Hey, bloom!

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