When is Jasmine trimming the whole branch is best

Pruning time

When trimming jasmine, it is usually chosen after flowering. Sometimes, flowers may be more concentrated, and the time of withering is similar, so you can wait for the trimming after the flowers are opened. However, some jasmine may bloom and scattered, one by one. At this time, you can trim the flowers for too long.

When trimming jasmine, short -cutting and topping methods can be adopted, which can promote the growth of blooming branches. The second is to trim the branches and leaves to promote ventilation and light transmission, and maintain a good growth state.

Pruning time

Jasmine’s pruning is generally combined with a bonito in the Qingming.

When turning the pot, take out the plant and trim the root system. Pay attention to keep it evenly. If the branches of the root system are dense and cluster, it can be planted in a uniform branch. Then you need to make the whole pruning.

When pruning, some leaves should be removed without damaging the axillary buds.

At the time of the branches, the cut branches and leaves can be used as cuttings.

In summer, in order to reduce the nutrients of jasmine, some newborn branches need to be cut short in time and trim the leaves to promote the flowers and leaves of flowers and full plant shape.

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